3D Rigging Artist full time or freelance 3D Rigging Animation Character Design team

3D animation, rigging, sketching and drawing skills, expert knowledge of Maya, proprietary and other software programs.

3D Rigging Artist full time or freelance 3D Rigging Animation Character Design team

Looking for both 3D riggers to oversee your proud co-developing projects?

Freelancers team work with the Rigging Lead/Supervisor to establish a rig that fully supports an animation style that reflects the tone of the film, and maintain the style throughout the film.

Work to create top quality body and facial rigs that meet the desired quality and style.

Take models and/or rigged models (set up for animation) to finished animation.

Work with modelers, riggers, and technical directors to implement the animation.

Work with the Director in establishing character design and movement.

Maintains a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.

Demonstrated artistic ability with a strong understanding of traditional animation principles.

Open to direction and able to embrace change.

Demonstrated expertise in the following: animation, rigging, sketching and/or drawing skills.

Working Conditions and Environment/Physical Demands:

The Animator works at the back-end of the production pipeline with hard deadlines and high productivity demands and, as such, flexible working hours during “crunch-periods”, including evenings and weekends, are required as a fundamental and necessary part of this job.

Office working environment.


Approximately 90% of time spent working on a Computer.

Work to create top quality body and facial rigs that meet the desired quality and style.

Work closely with the Animation Team to ensure that the productions’ needs are understood and met and that animators have fast, efficient, intuitive puppets.

Builds facial shapes via illustrated designs, with an understanding of animator workflow and animation target expressions.

Create and adjust rigging standards.

Work with Animators and Production Technology in regards to rigging pipeline and character rig optimizations.

Attends regular production and department meetings.

Provide creative ideas and solutions for the film on both a visual and technical level.

Meets or exceeds assignment deadlines set by working with Production and Rigging schedules.

Interprets and implements written notes and verbal feedback from the Lead in a timely and qualitatively acceptable way.

Be a key contributor to create an engaging animated film of top quality, while managing and reducing the complexities of production.

Be able to flag and solve potential problems to stay on schedule.

Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients.

Maintains contacts with academia/industry to keep current on new research and recent developments. Reads relevant journals and technical articles.

Aligns and engages with the values of Mainframe: a culture of community, connectivity, creativity and collaboration.

Additional duties as requested.

Willingness to create in a wide range of style.

Ability to create appealing textures for characters and other assets.

Strong knowledge of color theory, PBR lighting and stylized texturing techniques.

Expert in Substance Painter.

Production knowledge of Maya with efficient use of procedural and object-oriented programming practices.

Working knowledge of mesh blendshape creation, weighting and facial rigging is required. Modelling experience is a valuable asset.

Strong organic and hard surface texturing skills.

Good artistic skills, demonstrable ability to make creative and aesthetic judgment calls.

Ability to communicate and demonstrate ideas clearly, while also practicing attentive and active listening.

Highly motivated, proactive, solid work ethic and positive attitude.

Adaptable to changes, altering course of action quickly per production needs, while making decisions in a timely manner and accepting accountability for own actions.

Team-player, open to and encouraging feedback. Sharing techniques with team members.

Send the required info to 500@ukr.net

With the email subject: Job 3D Rigging Artist

Other popular questions:

In charge of creating maintaining and expanding Rigs for a variety of props, vehicles, characters and other CG objects that need to be animated.

Communicate with the Modelling Department to ensure that models are suitable for rigging.

Will work in collaboration with the animation team to create intuitive and responsive rigs that meet animator’s needs. Extend rigs for any performance requirement for specific shots.

Will adhere to technical standards of the Rigging department and ensure that Rigs are pipeline friendly.

Interprets the Animation Directors notes and delivers a variety of Rigging options to gain final Rig approval as efficiently as possible.

Is familiar with pipeline issues and technical problem solving and will build tools to ensure smooth delivery to Animation.

Career to Rigging Artist: Animation Character Designer.

Team Department, Riggers often start as the more technical animators.

Education Routes: Rigging Artists, often have a degree in Animation, or Visual Effects. Ideally will have taken classes in Animation, Modeling, Topology, Rigging, & Coding. They should also ideally some experience of life drawing, anatomy, dance, acting and other forms of movement studies.

Entry-level role, Show reel and experience is very important for this role.

looking for 3D Character Rigging Artist.

Skilled Organic & Inorganic Rigger to help our animation team and support ongoing projects at the studio.

Talented, highly motivated, passionate about character production and all the surrounding activities.

Build and maintain high quality, high-performance animation rigs.

Work closely with Modelers and Animators to ensure all disciplines are getting what they need.

Develop animation tools: pose, libraries, transfer, sequencing, etc.

Provide general support to Technical Arts in-studio customer base.

Rigging of model assets ranging from mechanical props to organic digital doubles.

Client-facing previz animation of cameras and placeholder assets for pre-production creative feedback.

Final animation of model assets ranging from mechanical props to organic digital doubles.

Modification and application of motion capture data to model assets.

Caching and export of animated cameras and meshes for scene integration in other softwares Maya.

Good notion of cinematic composition rules.

A strong eye for the detail and replicating real-world actions.

Ability to work collaboratively, with strong verbal and written communication skills.

A solid understanding of a variety of rigging techniques to suit unique project requirements.

Ability to build animation workflows in a flexible manner that allows for fast iteration.

Familiarity with openGL playblasting and Eevee realtime rendering for previz outputs.

Knowledge of caching and export formats from Blender to Maya and Houdini.

Power rigging and animation experience in Blender.

Maya experienced Technical Artist to join your team to focus on facial animation and rigging of real time characters.

Working closely with designers, engineers, and other technical artists, you’ll work to bring characters to life.

Demonstrate appeal in animation and posing.

Develop broad technical expertise to assist in a wide variety technical and artistic tasks.

Experience in game development or film as a Technical Artist.

Experience collaborating on multi-disciplinary teams.

Experience communicating across team members including engineers and artists.

Expert Knowledge of character rigging in Maya.

Experience in facial rigging and morph targets.

Experience with real time asset implementation and optimization techniques.

Extensive Content development experience.

Virtual reality experience.

Knowledge of emerging technologies.

Shader programming experience.

Experience with face tracking from video or similar technologies.

Develop and support to the highest quality: characters, facial, weapon, and specialized custom rigs in Maya.

Work closely with the animation team to define, create, and maintain animation pipelines.

Create custom tools and scripts to increase the productivity and efficiency for the animation team.

Provide technical support for the tools, engine and animation teams.

Communicate technical constraints and their rationales plus any other knowledge-sharing required.

Integration of the character, cinematic, and other animation related assets into the game engine.

Research and share knowledge of existing engines and animation packages within the industry.

Interact and collaborate with different teams (Art, Design, Code) to fulfill tasks according to production schedule and development needs.

Be proactive in identifying issues and creating efficient solutions.

Create and update state machines and blend trees.

Interact with the other departments to better know the game engine possibilities in order to get the best animations possible while respecting the technical constraints.

Excellent technical knowledge of the main 3D softwares Maya.

Excellent knowledge of Human Anatomy.

Good ability to teach and mentor.

Ability to write technical documentation.

Good capacity to communicate verbally as well as written.

Be adaptable, approachable and positive in the workplace.

A passion for Videogame development.

Skills and competencies show up in different forms and can be based on different experiences, that’s why we strongly encourage you to apply even though you may not have all the requirements listed above.

Rigging Artist to join the team.

Responsible for not only creating high dynamic rigs but also work with the animation team in order to support their needs. The rigging artist also needs to be able to work with our tech team in order to create the necessary scripts and tools required for the job.

Rig and skin new and existing characters.

Create facial shapes for expressions for the characters (blendshapes & bones).

Add joints into the model, skin weighting, and blend shape creation for the rig.

Provide technical direction on models, as needed, ensuring technical requirements are met prior to rigging phase.

Communicate the need for custom tools and scripts to supervisor.

Assist with developing approved custom tools.

Extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinematics.

Good experience with modeling, rigging and skin weighting.

Python and Maya experience.

Experience working collaboratively.

Studio experience a plusExcellent communication and organizational skills.

Strong understanding of modeling and animation workflows.

Ability to meet deadlines and work in a production pipeline.

3ds Max or Unreal experience. Demo Reel plus.

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