Children’s Car Seats For Free, Kids Safe During The Pandemic

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A business owner in Pittsburgh is doing his part for the community during the pandemic.

Cody Eichert, the owner of Headturnerz Tint and Detailing LLC, is asking people to bring their children’s car seats to his car detailing garage so he can sanitize them. He said he loves children and he just wants to help kids stay healthy until this pandemic ends.

Eichert spends a lot of time in his garage in Beechview making sure cars look brand new, but now his business is taking on a new task for families during the pandemic.

They’re steam cleaning and sanitizing children’s car seats for free.

“I wanted to be able to provide a free service that will keep your kids clean and sanitized. I know how hard it is to try to clean car seats at home,” Eichert said.

Eichert opened his shop on Saw Mill Run Boulevard less than a year ago, and he’s already paying it forward.

“If that’s my best way of giving back to my community that served me well and treats me well, then that’s what I want to do,” Eichert said.

He said they’ve detailed about two dozen car seats. They use two types of steamers and a sanitizing spray.

“This will kill basically everything Lysol will kill, 99.9% of germs… COVID, the common cold, the flu, the whole 9 yards,” Eichert said.

Eichert said he just wants the best for children in the area and would like to add a shiny touch to others’ lives during these difficult times.

“It’s nice to see someone’s face and even my customer last night, her face lit up when she saw her car seat. She couldn’t believe how clean they came out,” said Eichert.

When asked how long he would provide this free service, he said, “as long as the pandemic lasts, I would like to keep doing it.”

Eichert recommends calling me or messaging them on before bringing in your car seats.

When you drop off the car seat, they may need to keep it for several hours or a day.

They are limiting two car seats per customer.

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